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The Saratoga California area is in demand and homes tend to turn over quickly. Now that you are selling your home, how will you turn your home into the most valuable financial asset? We can help to show you how.
Your approach to selling your home is key in order to increase the equity in selling your home.

Your home is a financial asset. A transition takes place when you begin the process of selling your home. You see your home not as a home, but as a financial asset, and the question becomes how do your get the most equity out of your house?

It is important when you determine to sell your Saratoga home that you separate yourself from any personal feelings you may hold on to and have about the house. Often whenrealtors refer to buying real estate, they will refer to your new property as a "home." When it comes time to sell a property, real estate agents will often refer to the property as a house. While buying a home is often an emotional decision, selling a house is a financial decision, one for which emotional detachment is necessary.

When you decide to sell your Saratoga home, it is smart to resolve to yourself that your home no longer belongs to you. Thinking of your house as another financial transaction such as a currency trade or a commodity trade, makes more sense and allows you to think more clearly about all the decisions you need to make before you close on escrow. Buyer's on the other hand invest emotion into the purchase of their new home and it is in a sellers best financial interest to do everything possible to allow them to see your house as their new home.

There is a downside to not detaching emotionally from selling your Saratoga house. The process becomes more difficult and at times, unconsciously, a seller can actually either drive potential buyers away, or reduce an opportunity for all potential buyers to see the house. It is even possible to unintentionally create other situations that may make selling a home take longer than need be.



Staging a home is all about creating an atmosphere that viewers feel comfortable in, one that will cause them to stay in the home longer and explore all that it has to offer. Think about what would cause you to linger in a home, perhaps, ask your friends, and definitely ask your realtor. Try to focus on the little things like pleasant smells, trimming back large plants, lit fireplaces and snacks for the guests. You would be amazed at the effect that these small things have on a home's selling potential.

If you have chosen to renovate your home then you know the price can easily exceed your predictions. Home renovations tend to have what is known as "scope creep." This is when the renovations start and as they progress new things or problems cause there to be more work than originally predicted. This can be difficult to deal with so it is good idea to build contingencies into your financing plans right at the start. That way when the surprises pop up, you will be ready for them.

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